Monday 31 July 2017

KV-1 Transmission Upgrade

"Transmission for the KV tank with a preselector gearbox

Variant 1

The main clutch, gearbox, both final drives, brakes, and the lines to these components are removed. Instead, two identical Wilson type gearboxes with preselectors are installed symmetrically in the transmission compartment on each side (photo #2).

Photo #2. Transmission diagram, variant 1.

These components fit into the same dimensions as the mechanisms that are removed and do not require any changes to the hull (see layout on photo #2a).

Photo #2a: Transmission component layout, variant 1.

Variant 2

The main clutch, gearbox, final drive, and brakes are removed.

Instead, a preselector Wilson type gearbox is installed, analogous to the Matilda tank gearbox, and a two-stage planetary gearbox turning mechanism joined to the final drives. The layout is shown on photo #8a.

Photo #8a. Transmission component layout, variant 2.

The kinematic diagram of the gearbox is shown on photo #8. Photo #9 shows a diagram of each kinematic block and the calculation of the gear ratios.

Photo #8, 

Photo #9. 

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