Tuesday 1 August 2017

Stuart Hero

"Award Order 
  1. Name: Pavkin, Aleksandr Yakovlevich
  2. Rank: Lieutenant
  3. Position, unit: company commander in the 75th Independent Tank Battalion
    is nominated for the Order of Lenin.
  1. Year of birth: 1921
  2. Nationality: Russian
  3. In the Red Army since: 1939
  4. Party affiliation: VKP(b) member
  5. Participation in battles: Southern Front, Transcaucasian Front, 1942
  6. Wounds and contusions: twice lightly wounded
  7. Previous awards: none, but was nominated.
Brief and specific summary of personal heroism or achievements: On September 9th, 1942, the battalion fought the enemy at Kizlyar. Lieutenant Pavkin, with three M3 tanks, fought in the direction from Razdolnoye to Kizlyar. During the battle, he destroyed or damaged 8 field guns, 2 AT guns, 2 mortars, 9 anti-tank rifles, and dispersed up to a battalion of enemy infantry, dealing the enemy significant losses. His platoon ensured the advance of our infantry, which forced the enemy to fall back to a new line of defense. In the evening of September 11th, 1942, two M3 tanks under the command of Lieutenant Pavkin were sent on a reconnaissance mission to the north-eastern outskirts of Western Malgobek. When 16 enemy tanks appeared, Pavkin's tanks knocked out 11, forcing the rest to turn back. Pavkin personally knocked out 7 enemy tanks. 

After that column, another column of over 40 tanks was sent. Heavy and medium tanks from the 52nd TBr came to his aid and, having lost 20 tanks, the second column was forced to retreat. Lieutenant Pavkin was wounded, in a disabled tank, but continued to fight and participated in pushing back the second enemy tank column.

Commander of the 75th OTB, Major [signature]
Military Commissar of the 75th OTB, Senior Politruk [signature]"

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