Wednesday 16 August 2017

Exotic Trophies

"September 15th, 1945

To the commander of the Armoured and Mechanized Forces of the Red Army, comrade Fedorenko

I present to you brief descriptions of the "Maus" superheavy tank, a self propelled AA gun, and a "Tiger-mortar" 380 mm SPG. I report that the aforementioned vehicles, as well as an 88 mm tank destroyer, were sent to Moscow to the Kubinka Scientific Research Tank Proving Grounds.

I ask you to instruct the proving grounds to receive the aforementioned vehicles.

  1. Brief description of the German superheavy "Maus" tank.
  2. Brief description of the German  SPAAG.
  3. Brief description of the German "Tiger-mortar" heavy SPG.
Commander of the Armoured and Mechanized Forces of the Soviet Occupational Force in Germany, Marshall of the Armoured Forces, Rotsmistrov."

The Maus and Sturmtiger (also referred to in Soviet correspondence as SU-380) are obvious. The tank destroyer is an Ardelt Pak 43, which we've also seen a reference to. However, the SPAAG is the most interesting: according to Yuri Pasholok, the attached description matches a Flakpanzer Kugelblitz. Unlike the other three vehicles, this one did not survive at Kubinka to this day.

Maus and Stummorser Tiger, waiting for transport halfway to their final destination.

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