Wednesday 23 August 2017

KS-77: M-8 on T-40 Chassis

"Meeting minutes for the technical meeting on the issue of producing the first batch of the KS-77 vehicle.
Moscow, Compressor factory, October 7th, 1941

  • Factory director, M.I. Boganov
  • NKOM TO Chief, P.F. Ostapchuk
  • NKOM TO Deputy Chief, I.S. Zakharov
  • Deputy director for special production, I.A. Dorozhkin
  • Chief engineer, V.P. Barmin
  • Chief of the 1st Section, 3rd Department of the GUVMCh, Military Engineer 2nd Class, comrade Kopylov
  • Central Committee of the VKP(b) instructor, comrade Volkov
  • Military Repersentative from the GUVMCh, Military Technician 1st Class, comrade Usachev
  1. In connection with the installation of a commander's turret, lengthen the roller of the horizontal aiming mechanism by introducing an intermediate roller and a mount for it on the turret visor.
    Instruct comrade V.P. Barmin to produce blueprints no later than the evening of October 7th, 1941, and comrade I.A. Dorozhkin to arrange for production of the parts on October 8th.
  2. Since the experimental KS-77 vehicles produced for approval had no turret, the model of the turret produced on October 7th, 1941, is approved.
    In order to make moving the turret easier, add a plank on the upper plate. 
    Ask NKOM to urgently place an order for armoured commander's turrets at the Podolsk factory.
  3. To meet the Government's request for KS-77 vehicles, due to the impossibility of receiving armoured turrets in short time, allow production of 20 vehicles with turrets built from ST-2 and ST-3 steel.
    In order to prevent shipments from stalling due to a lack of armoured turrets, instruct the Compressor factory to build additional 16 turrets from ST-2 and ST-3 steel. If turrets do not arrive from the Compressor factory in time, it is permitted to use these 16 turrets on production vehicles. After receiving armoured turrets from the Podolsk factory, all unarmoured turrets must be replaced.

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