Thursday 27 July 2017

Lend Lease Truck Requirements

"People's Commissariat of External Trade, Technical and Industrial Imports
To comrade Pritvorov

When ordering trucks, keep in mind the following technical requirements that GABTU has for foreign vehicles:
  1. From the total, 70% must be two axle 4x4, 20% two axle 2x4, and 10% three axle 4x6. The cargo capacity must be 2.5-3 tons. One or two brands.
  2. All vehicles must be equipped with tools and spare parts, and have special Ground Grip type tires.
  3. In addition, the vehicles must have:
    1. Tow hook
    2. Anti-slip chains: 1 set
    3. Heating cowls: 1 unit
    4. 4x5 meter tarp: 1 unit
    5. 10-18 mm tow cables: 5 meters (the thickness depends on the cargo capacity)
  4. Vehicles with the cabin above the engine are acceptable.
  5. Trucks without truck beds are acceptable.
It is necessary to order light Willys cars, which must have the following in addition to the above requirements:
  1. The car must have a convertible top with sides.
  2. The tires must be self-sealing.
  3. All wheels must be powered.
  4. The car must come with a spare wheel.
I ask you to give the necessary instructions to the trade representative in the USA.

Chief of the GABTU, Lieutenant-General of the Tank Forces, Fedorenko
Military Commissar of the GABTU, Army Commissar 2nd Class, Biryukov"

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