Wednesday 14 February 2018

Birth of the SU-152

"State Committee of Defense decree #2883ss
February 14th, 1943
Moscow, Kremlin

On the production of SU-14 SPGs, KV-1S tanks, and armoured hulls for them in February and March of 1943

In order to satisfy SU-14 production requirements set by GOKO decree #2859ss issued on February 9th, 1943, as well as to ensure production in March, the State Committee of Defense decrees that:

1. The People's Commissar of Tank Production (comrade Zaltsmann), director of the Kirov factory (comrade Dlugach) and director of factory #200 (comrade Sherbakov) must:
  1. Immediately begin production of SU-14 152 mm SPGs and hulls based on blueprints sent on January 30th, 1943, and comments from the State trials commission made in the report issued on February 7th.
  2. Provide for the production of SU-14 SPGs and KV-1S tanks in February of 1943 based on the requirements in GOKO decree #2859ss issued on February 9th, 1943, and in March based on partially amended amounts fompared to GOKO decree #2693ss published on January 4th, 1943:

February 1943
March 1943
SU-14 SPGs
KV-1S tanks

Also, produce hulls for SU-14 SPGs and KV-1S tanks at factory #200 in February and March:

February 1943
March 1943
SU-14 hulls
KV-1S hulls
2. Red Army GAU (comrade Yakovlev) must approve the blueprints and technical requirements for the SU-14 SPG with correction of defects that are discovered during production of the February and March production run by March 20th, 1943.

3. The People's Commissar of Armament (comrade Ustinov), director of factory #172 (comrade Bykhovskiy) and #69 (comrade Kotlyar) must:
  1. Supply the Kirov factory with ML-20 artillery systems with frames, elevation mechanisms, and turning mechanisms (factory #172) and optics (factory #69) matching the samples for the experimental SU-14 in the following amounts:

  2. Produce enough frames at factory #172 to match the amount of ML-20 guns received at the Kirov factory.
  3. Send 10-15 designers and installers to the Kirov factory for February and March of 1943 to install the ML-20 guns.
4. The People's Commissar of Tank Production (comrade Zaltsmann) must produce castings for an experimental batch of frames for the ML-20 gun out of Bessemer steel and deliver them to factory #172 by February 22nd, 1943.

5. The People's Commissar of Armament (comrade Ustinov) and GAU (comrade Yakovlev) must perform trials of the Bessemer steel frame and determine if it is usable in the SU-14 SPG to hold the ML-20 gun.

6. The People's Commissariat of Tank Production (comrade Zaltsmann) must, given the go-ahead from the People's Commissar of Armament and the GAU, arrange for casting at factory #40 in March and April and delivery to factory #172 in amounts sufficient to produce enough ML-20 guns to satisfy the production of the SU-14 at the Kirov factory.
If it is impossible to produce Bessemer steel frames, produce them from special steel at the factories of the People's Commissariat of Armament.

Chairman of the State Committee of Defense, I. Stalin"

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