Friday 23 February 2018

Intermediate Cartridge

December 25th, 1941
Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk oblast

We, the undersigned, Chief of the 1st Department of the NIPSVO, Military Engineer 1st Class R.A. Kulinich, Chief of the Design Department, Intendant 1st Class V.F. Kuzmischev, and an engineer of the Design Department, Military Technician 1st Class Yermolenko, compose this act to certify that the NIPSVO Design Department worked  on a 5.6 mm semiautomatic rifle according to GAU project #380.
An overall design for a new 5.6 mm semiautomatic rifle was designed, and experimental work was performed on a model 1941 semiautomatic rifle by replacing the barrel and gas piston.

Experimental trials showed that the receiver of the model 1941 semiautomatic rifle was unsatisfactory in toughness and became bent in the middle.

A design study established that it was impossible to produce a weapon that falls under the required weight of 3.6 kg with such a powerful round. This round can only offer slight advantages over the existing round when fired at close range. Further work on this type of weapon was deemed senseless.

Settle the accounts for order #751.


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