Tuesday 3 July 2018

Anti-tank Infantry

"Order of the People's Commissar of Defense #0052
On reinforcing the infantry core and anti-tank defenses of rifle divisions

March 16th, 1942

In order to reinforce the infantry core and anti-tank defenses of rifle divisions, I order that:
  1. Each rifle platoon in rifle regiments and divisions is to be reinforced with 3 snipers, 4 sharpshooters, and one light machinegun.
  2. Introduce a training battalion into the rifle division to train junior officers numbering 600 men according to TO&E #04/768.
  3. Independent anti-tank squadrons in rifle divisions (TO&E #04/753) are to be converted to  independent anti-tank battalions (TO&E #04/767) numbering 241 men with 3 batteries of 45 mm guns (12 guns) and a company of anti-tank rifles (36 rifles).
  4. Introduce a company of anti-tank rifles into each rifle battalion (16 rifles), numbering 53 men.
  5. Introduce a third squadron into the rifle division artillery regiment with one battery of 4 76 mm USV guns and one battery of 4 122 mm howitzers. Introduce 15 tractors to tow the howitzers.
  6. Reduce the service personnel by 850 in order to keep the total numbers in a division below 12,785 men and 1850 horses.
  7. Order the Chief of the Main Directorate of Formation and Equipment of the Armed Forces to alter the TO&E of infantry divisions by March 30th, 1942. 
  8. This order will come into force on April 1st, 1942.
People's Commissar of Defense, I. Stalin."

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