Thursday 26 July 2018

Tank Killer Payouts

"Order of the People's Commissar of Defense #0387
On rewards for soldiers and commanders who destroy enemy tanks in combat
June 24th, 1943

In order to increase effectiveness in combat with enemy tanks and reward soldiers and commanders for their work in destroying enemy tanks, I order that the following be established:
  1. A reward for each knocked out or burned up tank by anti-tank rifle crews in the amount of:
    1. For the rifleman: 500 rubles
    2. For the assistant: 250 rubles
  2. A reward for each knocked out or destroyed enemy tank by tank crews: 500 rubles each to the commander, driver, and gun (turret) commander, 200 rubles each for others.
  3. A reward for tanks knocked out by any type of artillery: 500 rubles for the gun commander and gunner, 200 rubles each to all other members of the crew.
  4. A reward of 1000 rubles for every soldier or commander who individually knocks our or burns up a tank using individual measures.
    If a group of tank destroyers acted to destroy a tank, then the award is increased to 1500 rubles and is distributed among the group equally.
  5. Instruct the Chief of the Financial Directorate of the NKO to create instructions for application of this order.
  6. The order will enter effect on July 1st, 1943. Report by telegraph.
People's Commissar of Defense,
Marshal of the Soviet Union
I. Stalin."

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  1. Wow, if such a reward was given to german soldier then Germany would likely go bankrupt before any Soviet tank could reach Berlin xD