Friday 13 July 2018

Well Aged Browning

The reviews of the Nagant revolver were not particularly thrilling by the end of WWII, and even its replacement, the TT, was no longer adequate. In the search for a new pistol, the Soviets saw a surprising bit of inspiration.

"The design of the Browning 1903 is complex and obsolete. However, the mass, dimensions, and combat characteristics are close to those required of modern so called "officer type" weapons.

The small weight and size as well as the good stopping power of the 9 mm caliber demand attention from designers and researchers to the Browning 1903. It is important to study the characteristics of the Browning, especially now that the requirements for a new pistol (its caliber, power, weight, size, etc) have not yet been set.

See report #406 dated 1941".


  1. this what eventually led to the 9 mm Makarov cartridge and the guns to shoot it from?

    1. Yes, that was the eventual result.

    2. That cartridge always puzzled me a bit. It's basically a weaker 9 mm Para in practical terms, why reinvent the wheel instead of just using the already amply proven one?