Wednesday 31 October 2018

GMC M10 in Combat

  • In pursuit of the enemy, the SPGs travelled over 500 km, expending 110 engine-hours.
  • The expenditure of ammunition during completion of objectives did not exceed the expected parameters.
M10 SPGs are a powerful weapon, capable of fighting alongside both tanks and infantry. Thanks to the presence of a high caliber machinegun in addition to the cannon, it can cover enemy vehicles and personnel with combined cannon and machinegun fire.

Technical drawbacks of the M10 SPG include:
  • Weak clutch, which slips under high load.
  • The dimensions are too large.
  • The lower radiator intakes are not protected by armour, and are disabled by explosions underneath the vehicle or near it.
  • The open top turret results in the crew being knocked out by shell or mortar splinters (5 cases).
Not all tank and combined arms commanders know instructions for how to use SPGs, and as a result do not set correct objectives, frequently putting them in front of tanks and infantry.

Commander of the 1239th Deblin Self Propelled Artillery Regiment, Budarin.
Chief of Staff of the 1239th Deblin Self Propelled Artillery Regiment, Belotserkovskiy
August 23rd, 1944"

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