Wednesday 17 October 2018

Vodka Audit

"To member of the Military Council of the South-Western Front, Major-General of the Intendant Service, comrade Layok


An inspection of the 200th Reserve Rifle Regiment showed illegal procurement and consumption of vodka. According to documents, the regiment received:
  • February 7th, 1943, #84/4671: 5 Litres from NKO warehouse #799
  • February 12th, 1943, #57/208: 400 Litres  from NKO warehouse #799
  • February 12th, 1943, #50208: 3085 Litres from NKO warehouse #799
  • February 26th, 1943, #72208: 700 Litres  from NKO warehouse #799
In total, 4190 Litres were received. Amount consumed was:
  • February 22nd: 838.9 L
  • February 23rd: 836.6 L
  • February 24th: 824 L
Total consumed: 2499.5 L. 550 L of vodka is still present at the warehouse. No documents were presented on how 221.5 L of vodka was consumed. In addition, based on the regimental procurement chief, Senior Lieutenant of the Intendant Service Shpak is on his way with 914.5 L of vodka.

The procurement and subsequent consumption of vodka is an illegal act of the commander of the 200th Reserve Rifle Regiment, Major Galanin, and his procurement assistant,  Senior Lieutenant of the Intendant Service Shpak.

I ask you to give the order to hold them responsible.

Deputy Chief of Staff of the South-Western Front Political Department, Brigadier Commissar Gruzdov."

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  1. Strikes me that if the vodka is in the warehouse then it ought to be distributed to the troops. In Mig Pilot Lt. Belenko described how the officers and men in his squadron would falsify the records and pretend they were made flights, just so they could consume the vodka which was allocated for use in the air crafts hydraulics.One way or another troops will get drunk.