Wednesday 28 November 2018

Factory #183 Experiments

"August 1st, 1940

To Chief of the 8th Department of the ABTU
Military Engineer 1st Class, Afonin

Report on experimental work for the month of July at factory #183
  1. Design bureau
    1. Two variants of a T-34 with a flamethrower have been developed. Presently, working blueprints are being composed. The deadlines outlined in the agreement are not being met.
    2. A technical project of a tractor on the T-34 chassis has been completed. Working blueprints of several components have been sent to production. The established deadlines are not being met. Production of blueprints is running 15-20 days late.
  2. Experimental plant #540
    1. Trials of the V-3 engine on an A-5 tank were performed. Trials began on July 17th, but the first outing showed that 250 hp is not enough for an A-5 tank. The engine only reached 1400 RPM in 4th gear on level terrain. After that, the engine was removed and adjusted to 300 hp. Trials resumed on July 24th. The mobility of the vehicle improved with an increase in power. The engine reaches 1800-1900 RPM on level terrain.
      As of July 31st, the engine had worked for 30 hours, after which it broke due to gas penetration.
    2. Assembly of two T-34 tanks with M-250 engines was performed. One tank was completed, and trials will begin on August 1st. The second vehicle is due for completion on August 10th.
    3. Voroshilovets tractor trials with components made with substitutes were performed. The tractor went through 1000 km of high speed trials. Towing trials remain, which will be performed in August.
    4. Two Voroshilovets tractors were assembled for installation of pneumatic controls. Installation of pneumatic controls will begin on August 1st and complete in the first half of August.
Acting regional engineer, Captain Rusakov"

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