Thursday 8 November 2018

Small Arms Reconnaissance

"Translated from German
206th Infantry Division
Division HQ
February 19th, 1944

Daily order #4

The capture and delivery of Russian submachinegun 43 to Army HQ is considered a task of great importance. As motivation for the capture and delivery of submachinegun 43, it is recommended to offer special leave as described in section 25 of combined army news.

The captured weapon must be delivered to the division along with the magazine and cleaning device.

(Signature illegible)

Translated by translator of the intelligence department of the 1st Baltic Front, Guards Captain Figelman
October 1st, 1944"


  1. Considering that PPs-43 went into production in mid 43 I'm a little surprised the German's hadn't captured them by Feb. 1944.

    1. No doubt they had picked up a whole bunch, but presumably those were summarily pressed into service to redress the imbalance in SMG availability rather than passed on to the rear for detailed analysis.

      Going by the date I'm going to go out on a limb and guess the belated official interest came from the quest for cheap and nasty "last-ditch" weapons in the final year or two of the war. See also: Sten knockoffs.