Tuesday 13 November 2018

Power Steering

"September 4th, 1938

To: Deputy People's Commissar of Defense Industry, comrade Tevosyan

The ABTU is undertaking a series of experiments regarding installation of servo devices on tanks that make it significantly easier to steer. We consider it time to raise the question of preparing factory #183 for production of tanks with servo controls.

This work must include the joint development of blueprints of servo mechanisms this year between factory #183 and NII-20 and the production of a BT-7 sample tank with servo controls. Assembly of the sample tank will be preceded by all necessary trials of these mechanisms. All improvements requested during trials on proving grounds and during service must be implemented.

We ask you to give the necessary directions to factory #183.

ABTU Chief, Corps Commander Pavlov
ABTU Military Commissar, Divisional Engineer Alliluyev"

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