Tuesday 25 December 2018

Factory #183 Experiments

"May 31st, 1940
To the Chief of the 8th Department of the ABTU, Military Engineer 1st Class Afonin

Summary report on experimental work at factory #183 in May of 1940

In May, the following work was performed at the factory:

  1. Trials of track links cast from Hadfield steel for the A-34 vehicle. Results of preliminary trials that consisted of driving for 420 km, including 140 km on a cobblestone highway, were satisfactory.
    The vehicle reached an average speed of 37 kph on a cobblestone highway, and several braking maneuvers were performed when driving at top speed (50 kph). After inspection, cracks were discovered in about 80% of the tracks with teeth. Trials of the track continue until it is worn out completely.
  2. Trials of mechanical servo controls are being performed on that vehicle. The results are good. I consider it necessary to introduce mechanical servo controls into production.
  3. In May 150 hour warranty trials  of an A-7M with a V-2 engine were performed. The vehicle travelled for 2050 km. The engine worked for 65 hours, after which trials were stopped due to a defect of the engine (penetration of gases). In parallel, replacement components, including a cast iron gearbox case, were tested. The vehicle drove for 800 km, after which the case cracked. At this time another gearbox with a reinforced iron case is being prepared for trials on another A-7M.
  4. A vehicle with substitutes for components that use non ferrous metals is being prepared for trials, which will begin in the early days of June.
  5. Inspection of parts of an A-5 vehicle which is due to receive a six cylinder V-3 engine. The refurbishing of this vehicle is delayed because factories #75 and #183 cannot agree on the required degree of modernization.
  6. An A-7M with a factory #75 engine with a 150 hour warranty is being assembled.
  7. The Voroshilovets tractor with a V-3 (six cylinder) diesel is assembled and has gone through a breaking in drive. As a result of the drive, a number of defects were discovered in transmission components. The tractor is being repaired and will be ready for factory trials on June 2nd-3rd.
  8. Partial warranty trials of Voroshilovets tractor #68 were performed in May. The trials were delayed due to a refusal by factory #183 to carry out the trials at its expense. Presently, the trials have resumed. In addition, a number of experimental components with replacement metals are being tested in the Voroshilovets tractor.
  9. Design bureau "520" is working on blueprints for a flamethrower installed in the A-34 tank. All detailed blueprints must be ready and submitted into production by June 1st, 1940.
  10. Work on a technical tractor on the A-34 chassis is underway.
  11. In May factory #183 received the objectives for 1940, but a specific plan for achieving those objectives was not established. A number of objectives might not be met, such as the trials of the V-2 engine in special conditions, as the factory does not have clarity on this issue and no specific measures are being planned. It is necessary to clarify a number of issues in the immediate future in order for the factory to complete its objectives in the required timeframe.
Senior ABTU Military Representative, Military Engineer 2nd Class Kozyrev
ABTU Military Representative, Military Engineer 3rd Class Baikov"

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