Thursday 27 December 2018

Plea for Tanks

"From the first years of its existence, red cavalry greedily absorbed vehicles. During the civil war, many regiments had dozens of mounted machineguns. The desire to fight alongside aircraft, armoured cars, and tanks is especially strong among the cavalry commanders. Not a single man even once said that the horsemen need nothing but sabers and no vehicles at all. On the other hand, everyone always says "give us vehicles". However, give us vehicles that do not hamper our mobility, that won't slow us down, which can increase the mobility of horses, not decrease it. There is not a single commander that does not aim to accept such a vehicle.

We have situations without historical precedent. The commander of one division sent in a telegram to the chair of the Revolutionary Military Committee: "Comrade Voroshilov, if you can sell tanks, then I will purchase a squadron of these tanks with my own money." There has not been such an event in history! He said directly, I will buy a squadron of tanks with my own money, as long as you can sell it."

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