Wednesday 26 December 2018

IS-2 Acceptance

"State Committee of Defense decree #4479ss
October 31st, 1943
Moscow, Kremlin

On the heavy IS-2 tank with a 122 mm gun

The State Committee of Defense decrees that:
  1. The heavy IS-2 tank designed by comrade Kotin with a 122 mm gun designed by comrade Petrov (NKV factory #9) with tactical-technical characteristics matching those in attachment #1 is to be accepted into service.
  2. The People's Commissar of Tank Production (comrade Malyshev), Chief Designer of the NKTP (comrade Kotin), and Director of the Kirov Factory (comrade Zaltsmann) must provide for the production of 35 tanks in December out of the quota for production of IS tanks established by GOKO decree 4043ss of September 4th of this year.
  3. The People's Commissar of Armament (comrade Ustinov) and Director of factory #9 (comrade Gonor) must provide for the delivery of D-25 guns to the Kirov factory out of the quota established for D-5 85 mm guns in the following amounts:
    1. From November 20th to December 1st: 10
    2. From December 1st to December 15th: 15
    3. From December 15th 1943 to January 1st 1944: 20
    4. In January of 1944: 75
  4. The People's Commissar of Armament (comrade Ustinov), Director of factory #9 (comrade Petrov) must design and produce by January 1st, 1944, a sliding semi-automatic breech for the D-25 gun, and jointly with the NKTP, GAU, and GBTU perform proving grounds trials of this gun in an IS-2 tank by January 15th.
  5. The People's Commissar of Tank Production (comrade Malyshev) and Director of the Uralmash factory (comrade Muzrukov) must ensure the delivery of D-25 gun half-stock to factory #9 according to the amounts and deadlines outlined in the agreement with the NKV.
  6. The People's Commissar of Tank Production (comrade Malyshev), People's Commissar of Armament (comrade Ustinov), Chief Designers comrades Kotin and Petrov, Directors of the Kirov and #9 factories, comrades Zaltsmann and comrade Gonor, must correct all the defects in the IS-2 tank and the D-25 gun listed in attachment #2 before putting beginning mass production.
Chair of the State Committee of Defense
I. Stalin"

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