Wednesday 8 May 2019

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"Report on the development of the new A-20 tank at factory #183

The A-20 is began development at factory #183 in December of 1937 by designer Koshkin.

Information obtained by the UNKVD of Kharkov oblast reveals that Koshkin is conducting sabotage in the development of the tank. This was confirmed by the former director of factory #183 Bondarenko (convicted), from whose confession it can be seen that Koshkin was intentionally sabotaging the design of the A-20 tank from the very beginning on the orders of an anti-Soviet right-Trotskyist organization.

Instead of first designing the hull of the tank to be sloped and bulletproof, Koshkin did the opposite: first drafted the components and designed the hull so he would not have to change the components. As a result, the hull of the tank was not sloped, but straight, which reduced its qualities. However, Koshkin, knowing that the requirements were to make the hull sloped, only sloped the part above the wheels (upper hull). This "improvement" introduced a number of drawbacks, including:
  1. Production of the hull is now more difficult and more expensive.
  2. The hull increased in weight by 1.7 tons and lost robustness.
When designing the A-20 tank, Koshkin ignored valuable advice of his designers and workers on how to lighten the tank. As a result, the work on the tank is late, and the design is very complicated, causing the following:
  1. The weight of the new tank is more than that of the BT-7 by 3 tons and more than the required weight by 1.7 tons.
  2. The armament is only increased by one light machinegun compared to the BT-7, which can easily be installed on the BT-7. The ammunition capacity is smaller than on the BT-7.
  3. The range of the tank is equivalent to that of the BT-7, and smaller than that of the BT-8.
  4. The hull is straight instead of sloped, which does not make the tank bulletproof.
  5. The final drives are overloaded, and the tank is difficult to access for repairs.
When the ABTU discussed the design, they mostly discussed the tactical requirements for the tank and did not pay attention to the design, which resulted in it being accepted. The ABTU and Main Committee required the tank to be ready for May 1st, 1939, but Koshkin convinced the ABTU to postpone the deadline to June 15th of this year, and the tank will not be provided for trials until October.

Based on the aforementioned facts, we propose to check the design of the A-20 tank with a special commission from the ABTU and the Main Committee.

Chief of the 6th Section, 1st Department NKVD GEU, Senior Lieutenant of State Security, Obruchnikov

Deputy Chief of the 6th Section, 1st Department NKVD GEU, Senior Lieutenant of State Security, Safonov"

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