Thursday 30 May 2019

New Year, New Engine

"To the Chief of the 1st Section of the 1st Department of the BTU, Military Engineer 2nd Class comrade Chikov

In response to your request by telephone, I reply with the program of 150 hour trials of the the V-2 S4 engine.

The engine has completed its trials, the trial was passed. Currently the engine is being prepared to be tested again according to the same program.

Attachment: program on 3 pages.

GABTU Regional Engineer, Military Engineer 2nd Class, Fedorov"
January 29th, 1941

Via Yuri Pasholok.


  1. Seeing that T-34 production had already started, can I presume that this is part of the development program to increase general reliability of the engine?

    1. Yes, requirement was 250 hours, but the current engine had a warranty period of only 100 hours, so they decided to go ahead with tank production anyway while the engine designers ironed out the kinks. The T-34 changed quite a bit between mid 1940 and early 1941, and the planned changes were even more extensive.