Wednesday 15 May 2019

MP-44 in Combat

"Translated from German (excerpts)
563rd Grenadier Division
Quartermaster department

Contents: on the use of the "MP-44" submachinegun

Preliminary instructions from the Supreme Command of the Land Forces give the following directions on using the MP-44 submachinegun:
  1. The MP-44 is a weapon that is used to fire single shots (like a semiautomatic rifle) first and as an automatic weapon second. This weapon meets the requirements for automatic weapons of an individual soldier.
    The value of this weapon is contained in the high rate of fire and precision, as well as in the ability to concentrate fire. Its value is best demonstrated when several shooters fire together.
  2. The rate of fire of the MP-44 is 22-28 RPM with single shots (compared to 8-10 with a rifle) and 40-50 in bursts.
  3. Ammunition (pistol bullet 43) can hit a human target at a range of 1000 meters. A helmet can be penetrated from 600 meters.
  4. Trials showed that at ranges of up to 500 meters the MP-44 has superior precision to the model 98k rifle when firing single shots. Even inexperienced shooters performed better with the MP-44 than the rifle.
Chief of Staff [signature]
Translated by Military Translator of the Intelligence Department of the Leningrad Front, Sr. Lieutenant Zinder"


  1. I don't see this as being more accurate than a model 98k rifle. It may have less deviation at 1000m than a 98k but the bullet drop is more.

    1. More precise, not more accurate. I agree though, you're probably not going to hit much with error that is likely to occur when trying to estimate range at 1000 meters.

    2. Precision and accuracy are not always the same. For regular troops the lower recoil and better grips of the MP-44 outweighs the advantages of a bolt action rifle any day of the week.

    3. In my opinion in "real accuracy" one of important factors that's sight quality. As example, I know man which have big shooting experience in one of Polish shooting society, and in this man opinion, SVT-40 semiautomatic rifle have better real accuracy, than Mosin bolt action rifle, despite better "theoretical accuracy" of Mosin. In his opinion SVT-40 have simply better sight.

    4. There is also the simple point that with a bolt action rifle you need to reaquire youre target every shot, you cant just fire a shot and then correct immediately on the next one, not as easily and conveniently anyway.