Wednesday 11 September 2019

Difference of Opinion

"A record of disagreement regarding contract #B1-221 signed on May 8th, 1941, between Comintern factory #183 and the GABTU regarding delivery of T-34 tanks in 1941

Article 9 paragraph 1:
  • GABTU version: the guaranteed period for which the tank will function without excessive wear and breakdowns of components and assemblies is 3000 km, provided the tank is operated within guidelines and instructions issued by the GABTU.
  • Factory #183 version: the warranty period for tanks up to #1001 is set to 3000 km, with the exception of tracks and the cooling fan, which the factory guarantees up to 1500 km. Starting with the 1001st tank this component will also be guaranteed up to 3000 km.
Article 9 paragraph 2:
  • GABTU version: the V-2 engine warranty is established according to technical requirements approved by the BTU and factory #75 in 1941.
  • Factory #183 version: quality of components and assemblies (V-2-34, V-2K, starters, tires, etc) is defined in special technical requirements, approved by the GABTU for subcontractors (which factory #183 receives them from). The factory can only be responsible within warranties that the GABTU established for these subcontractors.
Article 10 paragraph 7:
  • GABTU version: installation of the armament and observation devices is performed by the People's Commissariat of Defense under the direction of the GAU. The armament is stored at the factory's warehouses according to storage instructions. Acceptance and payment is the responsibility of the GAU.
  • Factory #183 version: the customer is responsible for delivery of armament and observation devices according to SNK and CC VKP(b) decree #876-368ss issued on June 7th, 1940, paragraph 11. Note: a delay by the customer in providing armament and optics is not a valid reason to delay payment for completed work.
Article 10 paragraph 12:
  • GABTU version: until the T-34 receives tracks capable of lasting for 3000 km, the factory will include a second set of tracks with every tank at its own expense.
  • Factory #183 version: until the T-34 receives tracks capable of lasting for 3000 km, the issue of delivery of spare tracks will be resolved between the GABTU and the NKSM.
Paragraph 13 of the delivery notice:
  • GABTU version: install a false antenna on tanks without a radio.
  • Factory #183 version: false antennae are provided by the customer if needed. The factory installs antenna cups on all tanks.
[written in by hand]If delivery of the armament or observation devices is delayed, the customer pays a fine of 2% from the total cost of vehicles that cannot be completed due to these missing components. S.N. Makhonin

Signed for the customer: I.A. Lebedev
Signed for the factory: S.N. Makhonin"

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