Thursday 5 September 2019


"October 18th, 1945
To the Deputy People's Commissar of Railways, Vice General Director 1st Class comrade Arutyunov

A captured special tank weighing 160 tons (including a removable 40 ton turret) directed to the NIBT proving grounds (Kubinka station, Western railroad) has been stuck at the storage terminal of the cargo base at Brest-East.

The transfer of the special tank is delayed due to the fact that the storage terminal does not have cables necessary for moving the special tank.

I ask for your order to expedite the transfer of the special tank and its delivery to its destination.

I ask you to reply with your decision.

Deputy Chief of the GBTU, Engineer-Major of the Tank Service, Pavlovskiy"

CAMD RF 38-11355-3009 p.82


  1. Somehow I find this juxtaposition of banal shipping complications and out-there wannabe superweapon deeply comical.

    'Course it also rather underlines why such outsize AFVs were a *really* stupid idea.

  2. Ahh the Maus, always a problem.