Thursday 12 September 2019

Express Tank Destroyers

"Decree #252ss of the State Committee of Defense
July 23rd, 1941
  1. The People's Commissar of Armament (comrade Ustinov) is to install the first 100 57 mm anti-tank guns on Komsomolets tractors.
  2. The People's Commissar of Medium Production (comrade Malyshev) must ship 100 Komsomolets tractors to factory #92 before August 10th, 1941.
  3. The People's Commissar of Armament (comrade Ustinov) must produce towed 57 mm anti-tank guns using the GAZ-61 car as an artillery tractor starting on August 10th.
  4. Comrade Malyshev must supply factory #92 with GAZ-61 cars in sufficient amounts to match production of the 57 mm ZIS-2.
  5. Production of 57 mm and 76 mm divisional guns at factory #92 remains unchanged.
  6. The proposal made by the Gorkiy Regional Committee and factory #92 to install 57 mm guns on the GAZ-AAA truck is rejected.
Copies: Ustinov, Malyshev, Voznesenskiy, Popov."

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