Thursday 2 March 2023

Book Review: Surviving D-Day Tanks in Normandy

The scale of the D-Day landings was truly epic, with Allied forces landing on a front some 70 kilometers wide. This introduced a considerable problem for the Germans 79 years ago, but also for visitors today, as  artefacts and battlefields are scattered across a large distance. Fortunately, a tourist armed with Surviving D-Day Tanks in Normandy by Craig Moore will be able to make the most of their trip.

Like Surviving World War II Tanks in the Ardennes, the book opens with a brief description of the D-Day invasion and the special vehicles developed to take part in it: Sherman Crab, Churchill AVRE, Sherman DD, and others. This section chiefly contains black and white photos from British archives. A two page colour map of the five beaches and surrounding areas is included with 47 points of interest marked.

Each point of interest corresponds to the location of a tank, SPG, bunker, or some other historical artefact. The description of the object includes not just the technical specifications you are likely to find in any book on WW2 tanks, but also the story of that specific item. Some are real veterans of the D-Day landings, while other vehicles were brought and installed here after the end of the war. Directions and three colour photos of each item will help the reader find it for themselves during their trip.

I can personally attest that the wealth of military history landmarks in Normandy requires careful planning in order to avoid missing any of them. Craig Moore's book would have been a great help in that regard.

Surviving D-Day Tanks in Normandy from Key Publishing is available now at a RRP of £14.99.

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