Wednesday 29 March 2023

Pz.Kpfw.II Weaknesses

 "To Chemistry Chiefs of the 29th and 65th Rifle Corps, 21st Mechanized Corps, 46 [cut off]
July 28th, 1941

The most vulnerable locations on the German light tank are:

1. The open vision port on the right side of the fighting compartment (driver's port). It is fairly wide, but there is no triplex glass in it. The port on the right (the commander's port) has triplex glass.

2. The hatch under the turret next to the commander (on the front left part of the tank's fighting compartment) does not seal well.

3. Slits between the engine deck and engine deck hatches on the engine deck (in the rear).

Give your instructors that organize the use of Molotov cocktails these instructions to ensure more effective combat against tanks.

Chemistry Chief of the 27th Army, Colonel Novoselov"

CAMD RF F.957 Op.1 D.46 L.89

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