Saturday 30 March 2013


You may have noticed new tabs appear on top of the page. Those are newly introduced categories, in an effort to organize content in a more accessible way than the flat tag system. The categories are as follows:

World of Tanks History Section: list of articles translated from the Russian World of Tanks website.
Battles: list of articles describing battles or fragments of battles on all fronts of WWII and precursor conflicts.
What May Have Been: prototypes, proposals, requests for tender, etc.
Lend-Lease Impressions: a list of articles that deals with vehicles and equipment supplied to the USSR via Lend-Lease.
Through the Eyes of the Enemy: a list of articles that deals with vehicles, equipment, and documents captured or supplied through the pre-war KaMa program. This section also includes intelligence reports.
Self-Reflection: a list of articles dealing with vehicles and equipment mass-produced by the USSR.

Since most articles cover more than one topic, they will appear multiple times in several categories.

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