Wednesday 6 March 2013

On German Welding

Weld seams are an important, yet often neglected, part of tank production. Obviously, Soviet engineers wasted no time analyzing them on captured German tanks.

CAMD RF 38-11344-2327

"1. Characteristics of weld seams on German tanks.

After looking over numerous types of German tanks, built over a large span of time, it has been established that all German hull and turret armour is welded with electrical arc welding. German armour is only welded by hand.
Automatic welding, used extensively in domestic and American production, is not used by Germans at all.
German welding seams are smooth and aesthetically pleasing."

Automatic welding is significantly faster than manual, requires less physical force, less experienced operators, and is more economical. In the production of the T-34, for example, productivity increased 10 times when using the automatic welding apparatus developed by Dr. Yevgeniy Oskarovich Paton. 


  1. Automatic welding provides more convenience to the women welders.

  2. Arc welding is best one. That's why the German tanks be steady in the war so long.

  3. The welds on the interlocking armor that the Germans used is really just a surface weld. It is not welded all the way between the adjoining plates.