Saturday 30 March 2013

Oops (and a sneak preview)

Setting up a mass production of any part, especially during a war, is bound to have any few bugs. Fortunately, this one was quite reparable.

CAMD RF 38-11355-871

"The first 207 KV tanks produced with the new water cooling system were produced and shipped out to the front without screens on the pump. It will be difficult to use these tanks in the winter. We recommend that the required screens should be manufactured immediately and sent out with crews to locate these tanks. The numbers of the tanks and their addresses are attached."

Well, at least these tanks will be fine until winter. Kirov factory workers have done this sort of thing before, including catching up to a shipment of KV tanks and installing starters on them en route, due to a delayed shipment. 

Some well learned readers might know how KV-1 #11302 and #11306 were special. If not, you'll find out on Tuesday.

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