Tuesday 7 May 2013

Guardsmen in the Fall, Part 2: Battle at Semenovka

"2. Battle for Semenovka

On the morning of September 23rd, elements of the 6th Guards ITB, retreating to Lipovka, concentrated as follows:
  • Company of T-40 tanks: at Semenovka
  • Remainder of the brigade: at Tolotyh
  • 5th CD at Kimlichka and south
The 6th Guards ITB, leaving behind a reserve and its commander, was to reach the Mihailovka region by morning of September 24th. 

The enemy, taking advantage of the retreating divisions, entered Semenovka.

Based on the orders by the commander of the 5th CD Major-general comrade Baranov, the brigade received an order: to knock the enemy out of Semenovka, and hold until elements of the 5th CD reinforce them.

Elements of the brigade attacked at 16:00, flanking Semenovka from the south, and took the village. Despite the advantage in numbers and firepower, the enemy left Semenovka, moving to the west, taking heavy losses. After pulling up reserves, the enemy started circling Semenovka from the left, forcing elements of the brigade to retreat. After darkness, the brigade was ordered to leave the battle and join the Tolstyh brigade. The brigade retreated, covered by two KV tanks. As a result of the battle, the enemy lost:
  • Guns: 7
  • Mortars: 7
  • Infantry: one company
Losses of the brigade:
  • T-40 tanks: 4
  • Killed: 8
  • Wounded: 19
  • Missing: 5"

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