Thursday 9 May 2013

Guardsmen in the Fall, Part 4: Battle at Mtenovka

"4. Battle for Mtenovka

After the battle at Vasilievka, the positions were as follows:
  • 9th CD was retreating from Kozelnoye to north-east, through Mtenovka to river Poei.
  • 5th CD was concentrated north-east and south-east of Padalki
  • 25th Motorized Division of the enemy moved to Shtepovka, in the direction of Sumy, on the morning of September 28th.
As a result of the enemy movements, the path of the 9th CD to Shtepovka was cut off, and they were in danger of being surrounded. The brigade received an order: attack through Podoprigory and Shtepovka, strike at the tank column, capture Shtepovka, and secure a path for the 9th CD to its assigned region.

A company of T-34 tanks and platoon of KV tanks, commanded by Colonel Dayev, followed the Nadanki-Podoprigory-Shtepovka route, and reached Shtepovka by 14:00. They suddenly opened fire on the enemy's column. The enemy, confused by the attack, left behind vehicle and guns, and fled, under fire from our tanks. Elements of the enemy forces at Mironovshina direction opened fire at our forces, but had no effect. 

The enemy was defeated. A path through Shtepovka was open for the 9th CD. The enemy lost:
  • Guns: 52
  • 105 mm howitzers: 12
  • Tractors: 8
  • Vehicles: 40
  • Motorcycles: 12
  • Tanks: 4
  • Infantry: up to a company
Our losses:

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