Wednesday 29 May 2013

Unconventional Anti-Tank Warfare

Sometimes, you have to make do with what you have, even when fighting tanks. And sometimes, all you have are ordinary tools. In that case, what you do might show up in a newspaper, and then, with the help of artists from "Combat Pencil", a magazine.

"1. Soldier Kulishev was out scouting one night. An enemy tank crawled out of the forest. He threw a bundle of grenades, and the tank stopped.

2. The tank opened fire, but no one answered. Kulishev took off his boots and silently climbed up on the tank.

3. The hatch opened, and a fascist tanker peeked out. Kulishev hit him in the head with his shovel. The fascist fell back, and the hatch closed.

4. Not wasting time, Kulishev blocked the machine guns with branches, covered observation ports with clay, and blocked the air intakes.

5. The fascists started choking and climbing out of the tank. Kulishev knocked out a second one with his shovel. The third one surrendered. This is how, with bravery, initiative, and quick wits, soldier Kulishev defeated a tank one on one. 

Izvestiya, from July 17th, 1941"

The illustration shows a PzI, but, seeing as how he took out three crewmen, it was most likely a PzII. 

Here is another issue of the magazine. The tank-related story is the one on the bottom.

"Three German tanks entered Pinsk. The fascists miscalculated, and ran out of gas. Pinsk partisans surrounded the Germans. Some swift and strong blows with a mallet, and the barrels of their machine guns were useless. However, the fascists were protected by armour. How do you get them out? Pinsk blacksmiths and workers brought mallets and hammers, and started hammering at the armour. The German fascists, unable to withstand the noise, surrendered.

Pravda, July 12th"

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  1. The last one gave me a good chuckle, gotta love ingenuity