Thursday 2 May 2013

T-150 Revival

I have written before about the Object 150, but its final fate was somewhat vague. Here is a document on that records it in more concrete terms.

CAMD RF 3722-95355-1

"KV tanks ## ... T-150 ... and T-28 tanks ## ... should be removed from the inventory of the regiment as non-recoverable losses." This is dated May 4th, 1943. The regiment in question is the 31st Independent Guards Tank Breakthrough Regiment.

However, the loss wasn't as non-recoverable as you might expect.

CAMD RF 3722-95355-1

This is an order of rewarding several drivers with the title of Mechanic-Driver First Class and assigning them to vehicles. All the way on the second page we see our old friend "KV" #T-150, assigned to the same 31st. This document is dated November 18th, 1943. Looks like 6 months is long enough to do the impossible!

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