Sunday 22 September 2013

Hetzer? I hardly know 'er!

If you ask a lot of people what a Hetzer is, they will show you a Jagdpanzer 38(t). These people include even the knowledgeable folks at Wargaming. However, it appears that neither the Germans nor the Czechs called it "Hetzer".

"December 10, 1945

To Deputy Chief of the Eastern Europe Directorate of the USSR NKVT, Comrade Vozzhov

The provided report on tanks manufactured at the Skoda factory states that 1200 "G-13" tank destroyers are incomplete. 150 of these tanks can be assembled from existing parts, while 1050 tanks are 45-60% complete.

To complete the 1050 tanks, there are 78 guns available. The remaining guns and mechanisms would have to be manufactured.

I do not think that it is reasonable to complete the manufacture of these tanks.

Chief of the Head Tank Directorate of the Red Army, Lieutenant-General of the Tank Forces, Vershinin."

CAMD RF 38-11355-3015

As for the Germans, a translated copy of their plans for March-August 1945 (CAMD RF 38-11355-2725) lists a "hunter tank 38" and "hunter tank 38 D", which are obviously "Jagdpanzer 38(t)" and "Jagdpanzer 38(d)", respectively.


  1. So is it the Jagdpanzer 38(d) or a G-13?

    1. The vehicles at the factory? G-13. 38(d)s were German-made.