Tuesday 10 September 2013

Shipping Karl Gerats

Seven self propelled heavy mortars named "Karl Gerat" (Karl device) were built by Germany during WWII. Obviously, as the war went on, the Soviets captured a number of them that operated on the Eastern Front.

"In the sector where the 4th Artillery Brigade is located, near the city of Uterborg, there are three 600 mm SPGs, numbered 1, 4, and 6, two of which are in the forest, and one in a destroyed hangar. These SPGs are of great interest to the GAU, and should be delivered to the USSR for testing. Determine the suitability of their delivery to the closest railroad station, what needs to be done in order to transport them, what train cars are necessary. Deliver a report no later than November 1st of this year."

And here is the response:

CAMD RF 81-12038-727

"I report that, out of the three 600 mm SPGs found 3 km north of Utenborg, only #6 can be restored. Others have serious damage to them, and completely non-functional motor groups. These SPGs weigh about 200 tons, so their delivery to the closest railroad station (Grune, 1.5 km) and subsequent loading is only possible if they are disassembled into the following components: barrel, recoil mechanism, control and aiming mechanisms, engine, tracks. The hull needs to be cut into pieces with a blowtorch and shipped separately due to its large weight (over 100 tons). In order to dismantle these SPGs, we need a special brigade with two powerful tractors, blowtorch, movable crane that can lift at least 20 tons, and special equipment for disassembly. 

For loading one SPG, the following are required:
  • Barrel: one platform, 50 tons
  • Recoil mechanisms: one platform, 20 tons
  • Engine: one platform, 20 tons
  • Tracks: one platform, 20 tons
  • Hull: 5 platforms, 50 tons
  • Two vehicles for transporting the barrel: 2 platforms, 20 tons
  • 1 shell for the SPG: one covered train car, 20 tons
Total: 6 50 ton platforms, 5 20 ton platforms, 1 20 ton covered train car.

Assign the organization of the transport of these SPGs to engineer-colonel comrade Alekseyev."

SPG #6 "Ziu" can be seen in the Kubinka museum with the gun and markings from #1 "Adam". 

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