Sunday 29 September 2013

Soviet Porsche

Dr. Porsche's gloomy Teutonic genius preference for electric transmissions is well known. These were successfully (depending on the definition of successful, I suppose) used in Ferdinand and Maus tanks. However, Porsche wasn't the only one with these bright ideas. The Soviets had a go at it too:

CAMD RF 38-11355-22

"Assistant professor Bogoyavlenskiy designed an electrical transmission for the KV tank and submitted it to GABTU in October of 1940.

Fig. 1

After working on this issue, it was discovered that the specially constructed electrical transmission can be placed within the existing transmission compartment of the KV tank. Fig. 1 shows the diesel generator and two motors in the transmission compartment. According to preliminary calculations performed at the Academy, there is also a possibility of arranging the transmission parallel to the tank's hull, the same way that it is currently placed in a KV tank."

Your eyes do not deceive you. In order to attach the generator to the V2 engine, the entire setup had to be placed diagonally. 


  1. That must be a real bitch to connect to the drive wheels. Did they ever try it or was it just a paper project?

    Speaking of electrical transmissions, do you have any information regarding the Obyekt 253 (the other IS-6)?

    1. I haven't read about this being built, and nope.

    2. Ah, that's too bad. Were there any other Soviet projects for electrical transmissions? I recall their interest being piqued by captured Ferdinands, hence the IS-6 project.