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Arming Vickers Tanks

June 6th, 1930
Chief of the RKKA AU Bondar

June 6th, 1930
Chief of the RKKA UMM

Minutes #9003188ss

Meeting between representatives of the NTK AU and NTK UMM on the issue of installing armament in Vickers tanks.

We heard Rozhkov's report on installing Maxim machineguns in Carden-Lloyd Mk IV tankettes, and a high power 37 mm gun in the turret of the 12-ton tank, and reached the following conclusions:
  1. A machine gun can be installed in a Carden-Lloyd Mk IV tankette by the company as a part of the order, according to a note on the Vickers blueprint #012390.
  2. Installing a 37 mm tank gun in the turret of a six-ton tank: the installation of a 37 mm tank gun in the front part of the turret would require the following changes:
    1. The sides are straight, gradually transitioning into the turret cylinder.
    2. In order to achieve sufficient horizontal traverse angles, and ensure comfort of use, the turning mechanism should be turned into a position parallel to the turret axis.
    3. The front of the turret is tilted back 13 degrees in order to achieve 20 degrees of gun elevation, like on the MS-1 turret.
    4. In order to provide 360 degree view and balance the turret, the turret roof should be lowered by 60 mm, and a cupola should be installed.
    5. Increase the diameter of the turret ring ball bearings, as they were made with a machine gun in mind.
  3. Installing a 45 mm gun in the turret of a 12-ton tank: the following should be done to install a 45 mm gun into the 12-ton tank:
    1. Cut a circular hole in the front of the turret of the proper size.
    2. Attach a flat metal sheet from the inside of the turret using straightening valves.
    3. Bolt the cradle carrier for the 45 mm gun to this sheet.
    4. In order to increase the robustness of the roof, attach the sides at an angle to the turret axis.
    5. Install the turning mechanism next to the gunner's left hand.
    6. Place the machinegun at the end of the perpendicular turret axis.
    7. The second turning mechanism is placed in a convenient location for the right gunner. Both mechanisms can be disabled.
    8. The rear of the turret will hold a radio. In order to develop the mount, we need to provide the company with the size of the gun and its recoil length.
Signatures: Sverchkov, Miller, Braverman, Rozhkov, Ozerov."


  1. Are they talking about fitting those guns into the regular Vickers Mk. E Type B turret, or on the modified T-26 turret?

    1. They are talking about a Vickers 6-ton Type A.