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KV-3 Production

We already saw that the USSR was planning to build the KV-3 in 1941, but let's take a look at these plans in greater detail.

CAMD RF 38-11355-22

"To BTU KA Chief, Military Engineer 1st Grade, comrade Korobkov

The Kirov factory began finalizing working blueprints for the KV-3 vehicle and their production. Simultaneously, the factory is preparing necessary documentation and technical documents for 1942, with the objective of finishing them by September 15th, 1941. Due to this, I ask you to inform me of changes to the blueprints that you would like to be made for 1942 by April 1st. Additionally, I would like you to specify the addresses to mail these blueprints to, and in what amounts.

Kirov factory director, Zaltsmann
March 5th, 1941"

Sure enough, by April, the requirements were finalized.

"Decree of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR and the Central Committee of the VKP(b)

Moscow, Kremlin

On the tactical-technical characteristics of the KV-3 tank

The SNK of the USSR and Central Committee of the VKP(b) determined that:
  • In revision of the decree #548-232ss from March 15th, 1941 and #827-345 April 7th, 1941, the following tactical-technical characteristics of the KV-3 are set:
    • Size:
      • Full length: 7850 mm
      • Full width: 3420 mm
      • Full height: 2950 mm
      • Clearance: 450 mm
      • Turret ring: 1670 mm
      • Mass: 67-68 tons
    • Armour:
      • Turret: 115 mm
      • Driver's armour plate: 115-120 mm
      • Side: 90 mm
    • Height of the stamped turret: 980 mm
    • Speed: 30 kph
    • Armament: 
      • 107 mm gun with 800 m/s muzzle velocity (one)
      • DT machineguns (three)
      • Ammunition capacity:
        • 45 107 mm shells
        • 60 disk magazines for the DT
    • Crew: 6
    • Engine: factory #75 diesel with 850 hp
  • The Kirov factory and Izhor factory must begin production of KV-3 tanks with the above tactical-technical characteristics, according to the due dates and amounts listed in the decree #548-232ss on March 15th, 1941 by the SNK and Central Committee.
  • The director of factory #92 comrade Elyan and Chief Engineer comrade Grabin must develop blueprints for the installation of the 107 mm ZiS-6 gun in the KV-3 stamped turret.
  • The People's Commissar of Medium Production, comrade Malyshev, and factory #75 director comrade Kochetkov must provide 850 hp tank diesel engines in the following quantities:
Per month
Kirov factory

  • Until trials and mass production of 850 hp diesels is completed, the Kirov factory is allowed to install no more than 200 700 hp diesels on the KV-3, under the condition that they be upgraded to 850 hp engines by April 1st, 1942. The NKO will provide engines from its reserves.
  • The People's Commissar of Aviation Production comrade Shahurin and factory #24 director must provide factory #75 with superchargers, in the following quantities:
Per month
Factory #75
  • Factory #75 must organize and begin production of supercharged 850 hp engines by January 1st, 1942.
  • The Kirov factory director comrade Zaltsmann, Chief Engineer comrade Kotin, factory #75 director comrade Kochetkov and Chief Engineer comrade Chupahin must perform trials and modifications of the 850 hp engine in May-June.
  • Issue 5 million rubles to factory #75 to establish production of superchargers.
  • The People's Commissar of Medium Production can increase the capacity of factory #75 and its auxiliary (formerly factory #48) without any projects assigned to it until January 1st, 1942.
  • Comrade Saburov of Central Planning must equip factory #75 with equipment necessary for production of superchargers, with delivery scheduled for the third quarter of 1941.
  • Due to the production of the new KV-3 tank, the Kirov factory is no longer required to produce spare parts for KV-1 tanks starting with June 1941. Production of spare parts will be passed on to ChTZ.
  • The Kirov factory must pass its equipment for production of KV-1 spare parts to ChTZ that cannot be used for production of KV-3 components.
  • Comrade Saburov of Central Planning must equip organizations in the Leningrad and Moscow districts with equipment and instruments for the mass production of the KV-3, and ensure supply of rapid cutting tools and hard alloys to the Kirov factory.
  • Central Planning must instruct factories to add to their nomenclature the changes included in the decree #548-232ss from March 15th, 1941, according to the specifications provided by the People's Commissariat of Heavy Production.
  • The People's Commissar of Heavy Production, comrade Yefremov, must organize the design of instruments, stamps, and devices, and deliver them in time for the mass production of KV-3 tanks.
  • The Izhor factory may install uniformly thick (90-100 mm) turrets on KV-1 tanks in lieu of installing 25-30 mm screens after July 1st, 1941, according to the decree of the USSR SNK and CC VKP(b) from April 7th, 1941.
  • Due to the new KV-3 tank, the Committee of Reserves of the USSR SNK must cancel the reserve plan for KV-1 parts for 1941, and free up the Kirov factory.
Materials submitted through the municipal Party committee.

Signed on April 22nd, 1941


About a month before the war, things were going according to schedule.

CAMD RF 38-11355-101

"Act on the state of readiness of the KV-3 project developed by the Kirov factory

The current act is composed to inform that the following work has been done on the KV-3 project as of May 29th, 1941:
  1. Proposal and technical project, costing 100,000 rubles
  2. Model, costing 50,000 rubles
  3. Working blueprints, costing 250,000 rubles
  4. Engine received, costing 100,000 rubles.
The total cost of completed work is five hundred thousand (500,000) roubles, which should be paid in advance. The final payments will be calculated.

Chief of Department #1 of the Kirov factory, Lantzberg
Chief Engineer of Department #1, Kotin
Deputy Chief of the 3rd Department of the BTU, Military Engineer 1st Grade, Rogachev
Senior Military Representative at the Kirov factory, Military Engineer 2nd Grade, Shpitanov"

However, all that war business got in the way of retooling for a brand new tank. Kirov factory didn't give up. The KV-3, as well as a 1200 hp engine for it are still listed in the list of Kirov factory projects for 1942 (CAMD RF 38-11355-720), due on May 1st, 1942, and October 1st, 1942, respectively.

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