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KV-1S Comfort

"Minutes of a technical meeting at the Kirov factory on September 19th, 1942

Deputy chief engineer Duhov
Senior machine engineer Balzhi
Armament group chief Shneidman
Assistant to the chief of the 2nd department of Artkom, Major Solomonov

Investigated the issue of changes in armament and turret design of the KV-1S.

Conclusions: the turret of the KV-1S is smaller, internally and externally. The crew locations have been changed. The installation of the gun has been changed: the frame was replaced with a mount on the bottom of the turret with a central bar. A mount for a second machinegun is included. The meeting examined blueprints of the gun and turret, sketches of changes in the armament, and examined a production KV-1S turret and tested all main gun mechanisms.

Despite the reduced size, the KV-1S turret provides comfortable working conditions for all crew members in the fighting compartment, good visibility of the battlefield and ability to command the crew for the commander. The loader is the only crew member positioned to the right of the gun, giving him large amounts of volume to work in, increasing comfort.

The commander's position behind the gunner, and the commander's cupola allow him to control the vehicle and the gunner's actions. However, the gunner's workspace is somewhat cramped, and the existing pedal trigger is uncomfortable to use. It is also desirable to move the 9T-7 sight elevation mechanism forward.

In order to increase maneuverability in the rear of the turret, the brass catcher and firing mechanism shield should be moved. The brass catcher box should be lightened.

The meeting considers it necessary to:
  1. Propose that GAU KA orders changes to the ZiS-5 gun:
    1. Remove the pedal trigger for the gun and machinegun, and replace it with a hand trigger mechanism on the handle of the aiming mechanism.
      Attached are blueprints for a hand trigger mechanism developed by SKB-2 of the Kirov factory (for the machinegun). The meeting considers it possible to use an electrical solenoid trigger mechanism, the development of which could be assigned to SKB-2.
    2. When installing the elevation mechanism, turn the worm gear up (by 5-7 degrees) (should be implemented at the Kirov factory).
    3. The elevation mechanism should be moved 300-400 mm forward, which will require changes to the elevation mechanism and gun mount (preliminary development at the Kirov factory).
    4. Change the firing mechanism shield according to the attached sketches.
    5. Reduce the weight of the brass catches by drilling holes in it.
    6. Make an opening in the tail of the gun mount for the gun stopper, according to the attached sketches.
    7. Place the 9T-7 sight in the same plane as the periscopic sight by moving it forward. A sketch of the changes is attached.
  2. It is useful to perform the following after these changes are made:
    1. Perform trials of a tank with the KV-1S turret to check the gun: trajectory angles, precision at 1000 meters, rate of fire when stationary and in motion.
    2. Test the radio man's machinegun, compare the old ball mount and new ball mount (with periscopic sight), and determine parameters for sight markings.
Deputy chief engineer Duhov
Senior machine engineer Balzhi
Armament group chief Shneidman
Assistant to the chief of the 2nd department of Artkom, Major Solomonov"
CAMD RF 38-11355-697

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