Tuesday 28 January 2014

MS-1 Repairs

"Excerpt from minutes #9021495 of a meeting at the Technical Directorate of Mechanization and Motorization of the Red Army, July 15th, 1930.

On the issue of: vehicles of the mechanized brigade, on vehicles received by the 2nd Tank Regiment, from the 3rd Tank Regiment (MS-1 tanks of 1st and 2nd series).

Commander of the 2nd Tank Regiment, comrade Malkov.

The vehicles are heavily worn, each travelled around 1000 kilometers or more. Important components need to be replaced with new ones. The brigade commander supports the opinion of the commander of the 2nd Tank Regiment.

Chief of the 2nd UMM directorate, comrade Bokis: the vehicles travelled less than their warranty period. Old vehicles should be repaired, tanks #319 and #326 of the 1st series should be replaced.

In order to restore the tanks, the following parts are required:
  1. Drive wheel crowns: 20
  2. Road wheels with axles: 30
  3. Spider collars: 20
  4. Left and right balance arms: 20
  5. Balance arm axles: 20
  6. Upper springs: 5
  7. Drive wheel gears: 10
  8. Brake strips: 1
  9. Ball bearings: 60 for each tank
  10. Drive wheel axles with hubs: 10
It was decreed that:

13 tanks of the 1st and 2nd series should be left in the regiment for training. Increase the amount of vehicles of the 3rd series in the 2nd Regiment to 60 units. Only send tanks of the 3rd series on maneuvers. The delivery schedule should be as follows:
  • By July 25th: 26 vehicles.
  • By August 1st: 9 vehicles
  • Instruct Bolshevik factory to send spare parts by June 30th
Summon the factory and organization representatives on July 23rd in order to examine the vehicles, and develop a plan for higher quality manufacturing.

Chief of the 2nd UMM Directorate, Bokis"

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  1. "the vehicles travelled less than their warranty period"
    It's "the vehicles travelled less than their yearly quota (or standard)"

    But thanks for an interesting read as always!