Wednesday 14 May 2014

Camouflage Rules

You've read fond reviews of Soviet camouflage from the Germans. Here are the secrets to remaining unseen! These are rules for camouflage of a single person, but a lot of these apply to tanks as well.

"Death to German occupants! Military engineer 1st class Bobrov

Memo for scouts on camouflage

Military publisher of the People's Commissariat of Defense, 1942

Correct: while observing the enemy, hide in grass.
Incorrect: do not rise above the grass, the enemy will see you. 

Correct: if there are bushes nearby, hide in them, covering your helmet with branches.
Incorrect: do not use branches when you are in grass, they will stand out and will give you away.

Correct: in the forest, observe while hiding in trees.
Incorrect: do not hide on branches with no leaves, you will be seen.

Correct: in a sparse forest, remain prone behind a tree.
Incorrect: do not stand behind a tree trunk, you will be easily spotted.

Correct: in hilly terrain, observe from the base of a hill.
Incorrect: do not climb up to the top, you will be seen immediately.

Correct: remove some logs from a stack, and observe through it.
Incorrect: do not stand at full height behind it, your head and shoulders will stand out.

Correct: if there are many large rocks nearby, hide in their shadows.
Incorrect: do not sit in the sunlight where you can be seen.

Correct: when observing from a building, stay in the shady side of the top floor.
Incorrect: do not go up against the window, you will be seen against its outline.

Correct: near a fence, use it as cover and look through it.
Incorrect: do not look out from above the fence or around it.

Correct: in a field covered in craters from shells and bombs, hide in one, you will be hard to see.
Incorrect: do not hide behind solitary bushes, the enemy will be watching them.

Correct: when digging yourself a ditch, cover the dirt with grass.
Incorrect: bare dirt will be easily seen.

Correct: if you are not shooting, hide your body in the ditch, especially your shoulders and head.
Incorrect: do not stick your head out for no reason, the enemy's sniper will spot you.

Correct: crawl from bump to bump on un-forested areas.
Incorrect: do not walk at full height.

Correct: move through the bottom of a ravine.
Incorrect: do not move near its edges, you will be seen.

Correct: move through the shaded side of a clearing, you will be hidden from sight.
Incorrect: if you walk on the sunny side, you will be seen from land and air immediately.

Correct: when fording a stream, approach the shore carefully.
Incorrect: do not come out of the other side directly across from where you went in.

Correct: if there is nowhere to hide from an enemy plane and there are many stumps around, sit and take the shape of a stump.
Incorrect: do not lie down.

Correct: in the night, when moving between bushes, raise your legs high.
Incorrect: do not get your rifle or helmet stuck on bushes, do not step on dry branches.

Correct: if you need to light a fire, light it in cover or in a tent.
Incorrect: if you light a fire in the open, the enemy will see it.

Correct: in mountainous terrain, move across the side of a hill.
Incorrect: do not walk on its crest.

Correct: in forested mountain areas, walk through the forests, even though it is harder.
Incorrect: do not walk out in the open.

Correct: in the mountains, observe and fire from behind cliffs and rocks.
Incorrect: do not climb out up to the crest, you will be seen from afar.

Correct: when moving across a field in a greatcoat, stick to dark spots (melted snow, dung).
Incorrect: a dark coat against the snow will give you away.

Correct: in winter camouflage overalls, remain in the snow.
Incorrect: you will be seen on dark spots.

Correct: when moving on skis, hide your skis and poles in the snow.
Incorrect: dark skis can be seen against the snow.

Correct: in a forest, observe and fire from behind a fallen tree or other cover.
Incorrect: do not stand or move around at full height."

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