Friday 2 May 2014

Kirov Factory Experiments, 1935

A note: this document seems to have been written in a transitional period, where workers still used the old name (Krasniy Putilovets) out of habit, rather than the new name (Kirov factory). 

"Plan for experimental and design at the Krasniy Putilovets factory for 1935

January 27th, 1935

6. 76 mm K regimental cannon on the T-27 tank, 6 items
7. 152 mm K self propelled gun, 3 items

New items for GAU in 1935

10. Installation of a 76 mm model 1915 AA gun in the T-28, 1 item
11. Finishing of an experimental 76 mm L-3 universal SPG gun, 1 item

To the factory chief engineer, comrade Ter-Asaturov M.L. :

According to your orders regarding experimental and design work at GVMU for 1935, I report the following:
  1. A short description and manual for the Kirov factory 203 mm howitzer will be completed and handed to the AU military representative by July 1st, overall price is 6000 roubles. I agree.
  2. Experimental blueprints for the KT-27 are submitted to the plant.
  3. Blueprints of the experimental ST-27 ammunition container will be completed by May 15th, overall price is 20,000 roubles. I agree.
  4. The blueprints for the L-7 gun, a model 1915 76 mm AA gun in a T-28 turret are already completed. 
  5. The new 76 mm regimental gun project will be completed for June 1st. I do not agree with the price. My price is 100,000 roubles for the project and blueprints."

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