Friday 9 May 2014

Unique T-34

Some people think that one T-34 is as good as the next, and steer away from it when looking for interesting vehicles. Those people are wrong. Any tank that remained in production for that long is going to have interesting examples here and there.

For instance, here's a T-34 that looks pretty normal at first sight. Well, it has a proper name, "Komsomolets Zabaykalya" (Transbaikal Komsomol Member), but so do many T-34s.

Ah, but look at the observation device! It is not the one that a model 1941 should have, but the simplified one from the model 1942 turret! This was not a one-off design. This post at shushpanzer-ru has a few other examples, along with pictures of what these observation devices are supposed to look like, for the uninitiated (the last two).

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