Tuesday 20 May 2014


"January 10th, 1944
To comrade Beria

The NKTP (factory #183) developed a device that can mount and detach 40 kilogram naval smoke canister (MDSh) on T-34 tanks. In the absence of a need for smoke, the holder can be used to carry additional diesel tanks.

The device has been tested and recommended for mass production. Blueprints of the device and additional gas tanks have been developed. The device has the following tactical-technical characteristics:

  1. Mobile (attached to the tank) and immobile (dropped from the tank) generation of smoke.
  2. Amount of MDSh canisters carried: 2.
  3. Duration of burning for one canister: 9-11 minutes.
  4. Length of opaque smoke: 500-600 meters.
  5. Mass of the device with two canisters: 100-102 kg.
  6. Capacity for one diesel tank: 65 L.
  7. The device is simply designed and easy to produce.
We deem it appropriate to attach this device to domestic medium and heavy tanks. The project is being transferred to GOKO's jurisdiction.


Interestingly enough, such a device already existed several years prior. Here is a picture from May of 1941 with a KV tank that carries two MDSh canisters.

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