Saturday 5 July 2014


"Tactical-technical requirements for the design of fascines for T-34 and KV tanks
  1. A tank equipped with fascines should be able to cross the following after dropping the fascine:
    1. A triangular anti-tank trench, up to 2 meters in depth and 5-6 meters in width.
    2. A trapezoidal trench, 4-5 meters wide and up to 2 meters deep.
    3. Escarpments up to 2 meters tall.
  2. The fascine diameter should be no greater than 1.5 meters, in connection with the first requirement.
    The holder for the fascine should accept a +/- 10 cm deviation from the chosen diameter.
  3. The fascine should be placed on the tank in such a way that it minimally impedes angles of firing and observation from the tank.
  4. The tank should be able to drop the fascine either when stationary or moving in first gear. The dropping of the fascine should not require the crew to exist the tank. 20 degree lengthwise and 10 degree widthwise grades should not impede the dropping of the fascine.
  5. A fascine dropped into the trench should drop correctly, regardless of the angle of the tank.
  6. No modifications may be made to the tank, aside from the mudguards, to which components may be attached.
  7. The fascine should be attached robustly. After travelling off-road for 10 kilometers, the dropping mechanism must function perfectly, and the facsine holder must not have sustained damage. The fascine may not fall off by itself.
  8. The design should be cheap and simple, composed of conventional materials, and consist of few individual parts.
  9. The fascine must be robust and support at least 5 T-34 or KV tanks. The fascine should not experience sideways displacement.
  10. The installation of the fascine holder should take no more than 30 minutes by a tank crew. A method of installation of the fascine should be developed using a simple device and a tank. The time required to install a fascine should be no more than 5 minutes.
  11. The mass of all components should be no more than 120 kg.
When developing these devices, use the experience from T-26 and BT fascine holders. Designs for the T-34 and KV should be largely the same. These requirements are subject to revision as the project goes on.

Chief of the 1st BTU department, Military Engineer 1st grade, Afonin"

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