Thursday 3 July 2014

KV-4 Status

The KV-4 is an almost mythical vehicle. Despite a great number of projects being submitted, it is still unknown which was finally selected. One definitely was, as characteristics were finalized, and production was scheduled. Turns out that the development of such a giant was progressing slowly.

"I report that, according to Decree #827-345ss of the SNK and Central Committee of the Communist Party signed on April 7th, 1941, Kirov factory must deliver blueprints for the hull and turret of the experimental KV-4 tank to the Izhor factory.

At this time, Kirov factory only has sketches of the tank layout, hull and turret blueprints are not finalized, and Izhor factory does not have them.

I ask for your orders to Kirov factory, instructing them to accelerate the development of KV-4 hull and turret blueprints and deliver them to the Izhor factory, since a delay might result in the completion of the prototype being late.

Marshall of the Soviet Union, G Kulik."
CAMD RF 38-11355-22

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