Friday 16 January 2015


I've posted a number of ridiculous proposals submitted to authorities, including a death-ray resistant tankhuge rolling fortress, spherical tanks, and an impractically huge monstrosity. Naturally, none of these proposals would have been implemented, and their authors would have received a harsh denial like this one.

"People's Commissariat of Defense of the Soviet Union
General Staff of the Red Army
Operational Research Department
August 23rd, 1942

To Military Engineer 2nd Grade, comrade M.A. Manyuk

Suggestions from your letter sent on July 24th of this year will be considered. In the future, please consider the following when making such proposals:
  1. Make suggestions based on the current situation.
  2. Back up the feasibility of this proposal with a calculation of the manpower necessary for its execution.
  3. Do not depart from reality when making these proposals.
Deputy Chief of the Operational Research Department of the Red Army General Staff, Colonel Avayev"

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