Sunday 25 January 2015

Stalin Shutdown

The opinion that Stalin was somehow all-powerful and nobody dared refuse his requests. However, that is not true. Here is a response to a request for 45 mm guns for Stalin's pet KV-7 project.

"To the Deputy People's Commissar of Tank Production, comrade Zaltsmann
On the issue of delivery of 45 mm guns for coaxial mounts.

The production of 45 mm guns in coaxial mounts for KV tanks is not mentioned in any GKO decree. Therefore, the requested 45 mm guns will not be sent to the Kirov factory (ChTZ).

Deputy Chief of Red Army GAU, Major-General of Artillery, Hohlov
Military Commissar of the Red Army GAU, Divisional Commissar Novikov"

CAMD RF 81-12104-422

After spelling out "get bent" in two entire paragraphs, nobody ended up getting shot.

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