Saturday 31 January 2015

Skoda Production Status

As with German factories that fell into the Soviet zone of influence, the Soviets took inventory of other factories working for Germany, to figure out if anything they produced was of value to them. I already posted the results of this assessment.

"Note on the condition of tank production at Skoda factories

1. G-13 tank destroyers
Current production batch: 2000 tanks
Supplied to former German military directorate: 800
Remaining tanks still in production: 1200

Of those, 150 tanks can be assembled in a short amount of time (about 6 months). The rest (1050 tanks) are currently in production, with parts being produced here or by subcontractors. According to preliminary data, these 1050 tanks are 45-60% complete. The exact degree of completion is currently being established.

78 7.5 cm guns are available to arm these tanks, the rest would have to be manufactured. There are no machineguns, as the machineguns were supplied by the buyer.

2. Tiger Assault Tanks

We produced certain components for the Nibelungenwerke company. This order was completed before the end of the war.

3. Hulls and turrets for the heavy Tiger II tank

The initial order for 300 hulls and 300 turrets by OKH made on September 17th, 1943, was reduced to 86 hulls and 103 turrets on March 13th, 1945.

As of April 19th, 1945, 15 hulls and 10 turrets were ready at the Hradec Králové factory, but they were not delivered to the German military directorate.

In July of this year, the Red Army accepted the following at Hradec Králové:
  • 19 fully or partially completed Tiger II hulls.
  • 19 fully or partially completed Tiger II turrets.
and the remainder of unprepared materials, as a result of which, the order was completed."

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