Tuesday 6 January 2015

Tank Program for 1929/30

"Approve the tank program for 1929/30 in the following volumes:
  1. T-18: 300 units (excluding units owed from 1928/29)
  2. T-12: 30 units
  3. Tankettes: 10 units
Propose that the USSR VSNKh takes all measures to expand tank production for 1930/31 in order to fulfil most of the five year plan in the first half. If factories are expanded during the five year plan, it is necessary to give them work. In the event of a decrease of orders from NKVM, give them peacetime tasks.

Propose that the USSR VSNKh and NKVM expand design and research work, designing tanks in 1929/30 that are no worse than the best foreign tanks with the goal of beginning mass production in 1931/32.

Take all measures to increase the amount of foreign assistance.

RZ STO secretary Appoga"

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